The Black Knight - p.16


Hey everybody! (Please still be there!) Long time no see!
So SDCC (what you are still talking about that? yeah....) was wonderful. I had a lot of fun. I got soooo much stuff. So much stuff... I got to meet Kevin Dart and Chris Turnham for the very first time and they are as nice as I thought they would be. Do you know them? You should! I can't endorse people to throw money at them enough. Kevin Dart is not only amazingly talented (omg Yuki7!!) but he is a very kind and real person. SO NICE!

I also got to meet Brianne Drouhard who made a fantastic book Billie the Unicorn. A MUST HAVE! I was so amazingly grateful to get an original drawing from her and to give her one of the DokiDoki sketch cards (amazingly *sarcasm* no one found me!) I also recieved a huge shock - she knew the comic!! Pardon me while I blither like an idiot still thinking - how??

So... I bought so much stuff, I was jostled by so many people, I got amazingly huge and bad blisters, ate so much delicious food (thank you Kristen 8___8 <3) and I had a lot of fun. But like the Olympics I can only handle something like that once every 2 years. Seriously - how do people go every year??? Death of my bank account...

Anyways. The crap comic before explained why all of August there was no update. It's stormy here in Florida. I save often. Mid-save zap... corrupt psd. Lots of angst, weeping, and my emo cloud smothered me. Seriously! It dealt me a critical hit. I had to crawl away and wait to recover my HP. In that meantime I re-looked at my scripting for the pages and tossed out what I had. This is the new result. It's zippier and less serious so I am happier at work at it. <3 I hope you enjoy it!!

Now.... The bonus is fanart for the wonderful comic Winters in Lavelle. Are you readin it yet?? You should! I love Ashton. I love characters who are terrified all the time for good reason.

<3 Be Seeing You!


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  2. The Black Knight - p.16

    El Caballero Negro parte 16

    I'm here to...
    To see...?

    The king! I'm here to see the king!

    Oh? There isn't one here anymore.Sorry

    But!? There has to be??
    There's always a king...

    Nope! Just me. Jus a prince.

    Yo ... yo estoy aquí para ...
    Para ver...?
    ¡El rey! Estoy aquí para ver al rey!
    ¿Oh? No hay uno más aquí. Lo siento
    ¿¡Pero!? ¿¿Tiene que haber??
    Siempre hay un rey ...
    ¡No! Solo yo. Sólo un príncipe.