The Black Knight - p.19


Well! here we are! Not as soon as I would have liked but hey... It is what it is!
I can't believe we're outside AGAIN... *sigh* I suppose it will be that way a while... It is how I scripted it but man... Sometimes I think I am abusing myself!!! Could I have not had the dappled sunlight shadow bits? Yes.... but.... Not with my art masochism!!

So I hope you enjoy this page and I am already at work on the next!

Now! The Bonus!

What is this envelope design for... HMMMMmmmmm I wonder! Eagle Eyed/Nosy fans might have already figured it out! If not... OH WELL!!! I need to get on carving the stamp for the Marcus x Evan coat of arms. I wish I could letterpress it... So beautiful the letter pressings.... The motto is my fav thing. Seriously....

Big thanks to everyone who has added the comic to their links or are just generally pimping it out. It means a lot to me! Keeps me hard at work! Even when I am abusing myself!! <3

Here have an extra cuz I am so happy:

I framed my original drawing from Brianne Drouhard. <3 I love it! Isn't he so cute??? Someday when I die someone will inherit all my beautiful art collection and probably throw it away or sell it....

Or maybe it will go into the fire with me to become a reef. The Vikings knew how to do death almost as awesome as the Egyptians! YEAH!


  1. Make that envelope a reality, you must. It's so good it made me channel Yoda.

  2. Donovan: Oh it shall be! It has to be! The ink color will be Paris Dusk ;D

  3. Whoah! This page was so beautiful! :O I love the way you made the light shining through the trees land on everything-that was so cool! I also like the way you draw Marcus's armor, it looks so real! :D

  4. Beautiful! This page is just so beautiful. <3

  5. hahaha oh my goodness i love this guy

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  7. The Black Knight - p.19
    El Caballero Negro parte 19


    Come give...

    Then you know why i'm here!

    To kill me? Of course!


    Ven a dar ...

    Entonces sabes por qué estoy aquí!

    Para matarme a mi? ¡Por supuesto!