The Black Knight - p.18


Oh how they quibble over terms. I also want to say that drawing disembodied arms is hard. It really is. I am always thinking... Is the proportion right? I have no idea why I think this since it doesn't matter....

But yeah! I'm making the best use of my time ATM. Next week though things will slow back down again (but not stop!) mainly because of my situation. Which is both good and bad. Well it is what it is. But that is why when I started this comic I didn't sent myself an update deadline. It goes up when it's done! Once I have a decent paying job and can afford it I hope to shift this to its own domain and have the fancy comic press set up. Until then!!! I hope you will bear with me and my BFF Blogger.

Oh right, Your BONUS.

I left this over the page so you can see about where I thought.. Crap... and started to distract myself with a gumshoe shark! Come on admit it. They would make the best PIs!! Always on the move. Deadly, pretty slick, sharp dressers, their whole face is like a crime lab! Plus we all know sharks are suckers for the dames.

I'd totally read this comic or watch this show....

Be Seeing You.


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  2. The Black Knight - p.18

    El Caballero Negro parte 18

    What kind of Kin
    I'm not a king.

    What kind of PRINCE then kissed a STRANGER?!!!?

    You're not a stranger.I know exactly who you are.

    ¿Qué tipo de clase de rey!!?
    No soy un rey.

    ¿Qué tipo de PRINCE besa a un extraño?!!!?

    Usted no es un extraño. Sé exactamente quien eres.