The Black Knight - p.17


Well! That seemed to go very quickly... I hope you don't mind how I chose to handle dark and dim rooms. I am off to get to work on the next page. I have to use the little time I have to work on this wisely! So less babble!

This is the bonus this time. I usually do those nice colored bonuses while I am hitting concentration blocks on the page (so they are literally done in a different layer on the page!) Unless it's like this one. the "I was really concentrating and got my job done so here's something from the sketchbook" bonus. Maybe next time I will be less able to focus and you will get something full color. <3

These guys are going to show up here pretty quick... Well.. In page count pretty quick... In real life it will all depend on how much life grinds me down!

Deepest thanks again to everyone who has linked to the comic or mentioned it! I'm lookin at you Godsend and Winters in Lavelle! Thank you! And thank you to all the readers who not only read the comic (so much thanks!) but read all this blather too!

BTW - the biggest obstacle to working on pages right now is how good the books Leviathan and Behemoth have been...


  1. Aghhh, I can't. TOO. ADORABLE.

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  3. The Black Knight - p.17
    El Caballero Negro parte 17

    Hey! Wait!
    Come on.

    Just a second! It's just You? You are the ruler here?


    Seems so?

    And you You...!!!
    Kissed you? YES! I'll do it again too!

    ¡Oye! ¡Espere!

    ¡Sólo un segundo! ¿Eres tú? Estás aquí la regla?


    ¿Parece tan?

    Y Usted ... !!!
    ¿Te besé? ¡SÍ! Lo haré de nuevo también!