The Black Knight - p.15


YAYYYYY!!!! I made it with extra super time to spare for my deadline before SDCC!!
Ah... I have worked 18 pages, 1 title page, and 1 holiday illo to get here! YEAH! I am so happy. 8___8

This page is complete candy for me. Candy. Like the giant sweetheart candy like hearts all over the place. The last one is "banana." I ""it because you know they all taste like weird addicting chalk.

AWWWW.... I hope you enjoy it. I'm also sorry for this:

This is your bonus. Sorry. Just to remind you if you want some original DokiDoki CheckMate art I'll hand it out to 5 lucky people who find me. I promise I am large enough you can spot me. Plus I am extra pale. Just like Moby Dick! Be Ahab! come find me - I promise I will not drag you into the ocean.

I won't. I'd be arrested.

Anyway the next page will totally be late! Because when I get back from SDCC I have to start making SYLLABI. And other nutty things like that for my job. Awwww..... So check out the comics I pimp here - I totally read them myself!

See you next page!


  1. The "King Me" card is fabulous. As is your bag!

  2. Donovan: Thank you! And yeah the bag was awesome at carrying more books than I should have bought! And since it is the size of a medium box essentially I always had a good idea how much I might have to ship home!

  3. zOMG! This is the third time through I'm reading your comic, and I only *just* noticed the blush on Marcus' ears. That's gotta be some kiss, I mean look at the way his head is reeling! <3

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  5. The Black Knight - p.15
    El Caballero Negro 15

    what just happened?!?

    ¿¡¿lo que acaba de suceder?!?