The Black Knight - p.3


Wow that took longer than expected. I know. I know!!! I know I said how much I couldn't wait to leave the city with it's buildings and perspective and millions of tiny people and yet here we are... in the woods... god the woods... And still drawing Brandon the horse. A horse character... What was I thinking???

And Evan's people? Yeah they love folksy embroidery.

I'm totally an art masochist!!! p___q But in my heart I think, this is so painful but it looks so good to me!!! <3 Anyway I am sure it's not that clear but that red dotted line is the border between Evan's country and the Vast Empire. Evan's country is super tiny. But... It's so charming. And strange. Trust me, the woodsman is not strange or anything he's acting like everyone else. Sort of oblivious.

I'm going to try and get page 4 out ASAP. Then page 5. I have not forgotten I am "a week behind" on this comic I said I would have no deadline for. I'm looking forward to really getting this story rolling. Sorry for all the build up... it's how I tell stories!!! :( If it was a finished book you'd hardly notice or PERHAPS appreciate it? <3

I'm daring to dream here.

Also while I work late into the night I have been watching a lot of the show River Monsters. Now I don;t go into the ocean out of respectful fear and I am adding any wild fresh water to that. There are insane things that are fishy and eat people. Giant catfish, sharks!, massive stingrays which - ok, they don't eat you they just sting you with a toxin so powerful it immediately begins to kill all tissue and if you are lucky and can start stopping it it will take like 6 years to heal into a gnarly scar.

The things I learn while I am working....
Now before I get overly interested in Big Trouble in Little China I will sleep! So I can get up and work on page 4!!!

I am totally looking forward to Casual Clothes Marcus. I mean seriously. NO MORE ARMORRRRR!!! I am so excited! <3 Someday!!!!

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  1. El Caballero Negro parte 3

    It's nice and quiet, isn't it brandom?

    Es agradable y tranquilo, ¿no es así brandom?


    AH !!

    Sorry t' startle ye...
    Sinto en este momento se sobresalto ...

    That's a right nice sword y' god.
    Anyway! Have a nice day!

    Esa es una espada "dios.
    ¡De todas formas! ¡Que tengas un buen día!