Happy Easter!


I know. I know...

WTF Trish, where's the pages?? You're falling behind. I KNOW... I don't know why I kill myself on backgrounds. I really don't. But I guess to get faster about them I have to keep doing them... But I am still slow. Please accept my apple of sincerity. Page 3 and 4 will be put up as soon as they get done. That may be tonight!!! Or... tomorrow... I'd hoped ot have so much more done and caught up on but instead I have reworked syllabi, been organizing my materials for classes in fall, and generally not being fast nor good enough.

But I will say woahhhhhh in regards to tonight's Doctor Who. WTH is going on, so crazy, I love it!

Anyways, happy easter. I hope you celebrate in the best way you know how. For me it is bunny ears, jelly beans, and rioting.

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