The Black Knight - p.1


So many tiny people.... I make myself bleed internally doing that stuff but... Well so be it... You notice suddenly the street is clear by the last panel. Sorry. I'll do better!! I'm having fun with the mood-balloons. Reddish seems so forceful. <3 My favorite things here are the 3rd panel - the dark guy's face was accidental with the teeth but I loved it. :D Also people on horses... Ridiculously hard to keep in proper proportion. Hopefully I'll get better at it!!!

My biggest triumph.... Anything that looks in perspective. Seriously. =__=;

I apologize for everything on twitter. Also if you haven't noticed there is a poll on the main page. :) Such an easy question!!

Now the bonus... It's skimpy (I KNOW) but have you never heard about how lazy I am about scanning things in? What I need is... will. The will to just scan things!!!

Margot you'll recognize from page 2 of the prologue. The others are... Evan. He'll be cross dressing later. When I stop killin myself just to get a page colored and done in a week I'm totally going to make some kokeshi of Evan and Marcus.

...Eventually plus dolls... maybe... And some silkscreening... MAYBE EVEN PERGAMANO????
Man I must be tired and crazy....

-this post posted early cuz of the "gentle" pestering of a certain  Mr. del Pozo ;)


  1. yay webcomic started! Lookin' forward to reading it, foe.

  2. omggmsdf
    this is sooo
    cute and
    I LOVE IT!


  3. your art is sooo amazing, i just started this and i already love it

  4. El Caballero Negro parte 1



    State your...
    Indicaque su...

    Hey! that's the black Knignt.
    ¡Oye! ese es el caballero negro.

    Whaaat? No way.
    Queeee? De ninguna manera.

    I'm tellin' you it is! He even looks bloodthisty from here.

    No way that guy only travels with an army .

    Yo estoy diciendo que lo es! Incluso parece sediento de sangre desde aquí.
    De ninguna manera ese tipo sólo se viaja con un ejército.

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