The Black Knight - p.4


I feel like I just crawled across glass grinding this page out... The worst thing was that the last panel mirrored the third almost perfectly so I changed it to what you see now. Way better but... THIS WAS THE PANEL I HAD SET UP ON THE NEXT PAGE WHICH ALSO HAS BEEN CHANGED...

*bleeds from eyes*

Note to self, thumbnail a bit more carefully on your "fun" "carefree" project.

As much as it makes me bleed I love the folk embroidered peasantry of Evan's kingdom. I do. I really honestly do. *bleeds*

how about that hay... or wheat... Or something farmed crop of golden tall grassness... I dunno. Looks awesome though. All golden... And waving... Like America. <3

And the next time I decide to have a character who is a horse and I am not working for My Little Pony someone slap me and make me stop please.

Your bonus is a Francis I doodled on the page when I hit grind overload. (I hit that a lot on this page... and the last page... Probably on the one coming up too... Francis couture and porn I draw for a brain reset - wth?)

See you next page! <3


  1. Oh my god! New reader here; I am madly in love with this already haha! Everything about this is wonderful <3

  2. Well I'm french and I don't understand the horse -already that I don't understand English well- so, it's normal ? :'(

  3. I have the same problem too. I'm spanish, by the way...
    I think he speaks an old english... or maybe it's vulgar.

  4. "Its hard to talk with a bit in my mouth" is what the horse is saying, to all of you who's English is not their native language :) I know the struggle too, I'm Mexican (took me like a solid minute and a bit of googling to figure out).

  5. El Caballero Negro parte 4

    That was really odd, rigtht? Usually people would be scared of a sword.Of me!!

    Eso fue muy extraño, ¿verdad? Por lo general, la gente se asusta de una espada .De mí !!

    This is exactly why I hate travelling with you!
    You turn monosyllabic on me! Hm.

    Esto es exactamente por qué me gusta viajar con usted!
    Que a su vez monosilábicas de mí! Hm.

    What...It' hard to talk wid' a bit then my mouth.
    Lo que ... Es difícil hablar un poco, entonces mi boca.

    Oh...Right. Sorry.
    Correcto. Lo siento.