The Black Knight - p.2


Man... I seriously thought this would be late but somehow it all came together. The tiny dots in the eyes of the panicked guard are courtesy of my mom who was bothered by the all white look but then when I added the dots it made me laugh. Heck I'm laughing now! It's funny. Well to me it is...


This is what the guards should have been wearing but hey, they just plain aren't. Why? Because I drew this and then didn;t look at it - way to go me! I'm a genius witht hese things. So now this above is the regular army uniform. The Russian looking guy there is not in the Empire's Army. He is from another country... Maybe Russia.

The mouse.... Uh....

Anyway. I'm getting to work on page 3 immediately after I do a pergamano thing for my grandma's birthday. She's pushin 90 and I don't mean in her car. (altho she could she lives in Nebraska).

As always clicking the images makes em bigger, there's still a poll on the main page for you to vote about stuff or not... Or whatever. Visit some links, enjoy other comics. But come back! If this wasn;t a web comic you'd be able to flip through here so much faster...

Maybe at 90!!!


  1. ohhh! They're so afraid of the Black Knight but I think he is adorable...hehe, grumpy face ;w;))) ♥
    panel 3 is my fav face! The tiny dots in the eyes look really silly, I agree HAHA too cute! I kind of imagine a BLP BLP sfx like in Animal Crossing when they freak-out to you...

  2. Hahaha anything that makes someone think of Animal Crossing (which has some of the best expressions and sounds) makes me feel so much more accomplished than I am!! Thank you!!

    Hahhaa I hope you still like the Black Knight when he smiles and isn't always grumpy! XD

  3. That last panel made me laugh way too hard!

  4. El Caballero Negro parte 2

    Not always he doesn' t.
    Sometimes he does go off alone.

    No siempre que no lo hace.
    A veces no se apaga solo.

    Look.I'll just ask.
    Mira. Voy a preguntar.

    Hey, are you...

    Hola eres tu...

    OH MY GOD!!
    I mean--
    Plase continue on your way M'Lord.
    ¡¡OH DIOS MÍO!!
    Quiero decir--
    por favor continúe en su camino milord.

    We could have DIED
    Podríamos haber muerto

    I told you! Next time listen to me will you?
    ¡Te lo dije! La próxima vez me escucha ¿verdad?