The Black Knight - p.23


Ah... This would have been up here so much quicker without naps.

But who would pass up a nap???

Not me!

Finished this... Not that I will ever get to use the stamp I am carving of it.... :(

Be Seeing You


  1. I want your stamp. You crazy stamp maker you.

  2. Just found your comic, and I think it's adorable. Looking forward to more! And the stamp looks great!

  3. Akemi: It's not nearly made yet... We'll see if I can cut it out successfully!

    Mandy: Thanks for stopping by! And commenting!! <3 I really appreciate it! I hope you continue to come and enjoy the comic!

  4. I just found this comic and it's super cute! The characters are really charming and I love the art style. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

    I'd love to draw fanart too, you should think of making a section!

  5. I seriously adore this comic... I'm doing fanart right now and I'd like to feature a link to it on my blog. What's the update schedule like? Do you have any specific timeframe you try to update by?

  6. Jeansama: I made a section! I have none so... I sadly never made a section! But now I have one... it is just very empty.

    "String of numbers": Thank you!! I have no specific update schedule since real life, real job, etc. are always knocking me off schedul (wow like right now) I'm just swamped with pre-Thanksgiving break stuff for my students, art shows, etc etc... But I do try (oh how I try...) to update at least once a week if I am lucky!

  7. Awww! They so Cuuute! *_*
    Totall love your comic! I look forward to it!
    Thank you for you hard work!!! ^.^

  8. Shiori: Thank you for the kind comments and cheering me on! I really appreciate it! I'll try and keep overloading you (and everyone else) with cuteness!

  9. The Black Knight - p.23
    El Caballero Negro parte 23

    Who would want to spend time with their murderer?
    Because it's you I DO!!

    Wtht doesn't make any sense! You've just MET ME!

    TRUE! ha ha
    But i know a LOT about you!

    And I want to know a lot more...

    ¿Quién querría pasar tiempo con su asesino?
    Debido a que eres tú lo HAGO !!

    Eso no tiene ningún sentido! Usted acaba de me encontró!

    ¡CIERTO! jaja
    Pero sé mucho de ti!
    Y quiero saber mucho más ...