The Black Knight - p.22


Hello Everyone! Whew... So this didn't technically go up on saturday but in my head I am gonna call it saturday. What can I say I was on target to be done perfectly on time with the choice bonus but... Well my day was cast into chaos!

The good news is - it's a page! I am so sick of the forest! AUGH.... I keep doing this, you know when I go back to the castle you guys will get to hear me whine about the castle. ;)

So here is your Bonus - a little Halloween Treat! From me to you. Ok so it is at the largest desktop size I asked you guys about. But you can all size it down - right?? (Or have the computer do it for you....) Or something??? I dunno I hate to make these posts take forever for people to load and I am sure my image sizes do that.

And yet I never fix it??

THE BONUS!!!! (click on it to view it large sized and right click to save if you are on a PC. I dunno what you do on a Mac anymore - sorry. It might be command button? Click and hold a long time? Whisper to it what you want? Heck if I know - last I used a Mac it was a G4!) See how I assume you want it? ;)

I'm not sure there is a "Halloween" in Evan's kingdom but I know any reason to dress up and run around he is into it. And really - aren't we all? Excited for Halloween?

I just wish I got to go Trick or Treating... :(


  1. You should go trick or treating this year!

  2. hahahaha this is really fun and good

  3. What a flirt
    But really, this comic really is quite cute and I can't believe I haven't heard of it till now?

  4. Awww <3 (at the same time: *screaming inside my head* RATED PG-13!!!!)

  5. The Black Knight - p.22
    El Caballero Negro parte 22


    I'm yours to do with as you please!

    So what...
    I should just
    right here?!!?

    if that's what you really want.Of course...

    I'd rather you consider spending just a little more time with me first...


    Soy tuyo puedes hacerme lo que quieras!

    Y qué...
    Yo debería

    si eso es lo que realmente quiere. Por supuesto...

    Podria considerar pasar un poco, más de tiempo conmigo primero...