The Black Knight - p.21


Ahhhhhhh JEEZE!!!
This took forever and it should not have. Hahaha the difference of lucky artists who live on their own and do whatever they want with their time compared to me. *sob* But it got done! YEAH!

I swear I was all, ok this will go quick! It... never does when I think it will.

Anyway! How is everyone? Nice to see you, thanks for clickin to see this. Hello Hello. <3
Are you ready for HALLOWEEN?? I'M NOT!! Well I know what I will be I just need to take time and make some stuff for my costume. Except... THAT MEANS TIME AWAY FROM THE COMIC. *sigh* What I need is a way to speed me up and everyone else stay in slow time. I'd be like the Flash! YEAH!! Except I could stop being fast. Like a button or something.

I'm rambling. Sorry.

As if that weren't enough- Here's the bonus!

Who wants to make merchandise? I do I do!!! I did the doodles of the dolls in type A and B for my good friend and mother of Marcus to choose from. Mainly because she always has to hear my whining about the comic via txts. Then I want to make bookmarks! YEAH! Finally use that shrinkydink paper I got forever ago. Ooo and what is the button up there? HMMMM!!!! I suppose we'll find out...

I also need to get to work on my LWA thing so I can hopefully get my badge.

You are free now. Be Seeing You.


  1. Prince Evan, you are so smooth.

  2. I can't begin to describe how adorable these two are!

  3. The Black Knight - p.21


    They make excellent tarts.
    Your favorite!

    Yes they are...I...

    I just.
    Get this!!
    The k-Kiss!!
    Why are you Flirting with me??

    Oh Marcus, you don't have to get me...
    You have me! Just call me Evan!


    Son excelentes tartas.
    ¡Tu favorito!

    Sí que son ... yo ...

    Yo solo...No lo haga.
    ¡¡Toma esto!!
    El b-Beso !!¡¡¡Tú!!!
    ¿Por qué estás coqueteando conmigo ??

    Oh Marcus, no hace falta que me...
    ¡Me tienes! Sólo llámame Evan!