The Black Knight - p.24


YEAH!!!! I managed to get a page done this month. I have seriously been trying... Between all the other stuff I have to do, life, FREELANCE (<3 you Curtis), the promise of MORE FREELANCE (<3 everyone), it has been really rough getting a page done! Seriously!! I am hoping for a big page push soon.. Ugh that sounds kind of gross, ignore that phrase. Anyway! YEAH! PAGE!

There is no Bonus today. :( Sorry. No really it was so hard to get THIS done let alone bonus but I will direct you to a tab at the top fo this page labled FAN ART. Sarah has made me AWESOME FAN ART AND IT'S THE FIRST!!! \o/ YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Seriously I was so thrilled/excited/touched I cried. Big salty pirate tears which burned my eyes and brined my joy with crankiness. ;) But seriously - look at it! It's so pretty!!!! <3 She also said so many nice things about the comic I hope it (I??) can live up to it!

Be Seeing You.

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  1. The Black Knight - p.24
    El Caballero Negro parte 24

    I'm sorry prince Evan but that just isn't going to happen!

    Why not?
    Were you told to rush right over, kill me immediately, and scurry back home?¨

    I don't scurry!

    You know that castle there? When you have a free moment or two, be a dear and go kill whoever owns it so I can have it.
    Thanks lil bro!

    Nope, No rush....

    Lo siento príncipe Evan, pero eso simplemente no va a suceder!

    Por qué no?
    ¿Se le dijo que correr justo encima, mátame inmediatamente, y escurrirse de vuelta a casa? ¨

    No me escabullo!
    Hmmm ....

    Usted sabe que el castillo hay? Cuando tengas un momento libre , si sos tan amable de ir a matar a quien lo posee para que yo pueda tenerlo.
    Gracias hermano pequeño!

    No, No hay prisa ....