The Black Knight - p.14


You'd never know I was worried over drawing Evan. I still am. He is so... PALE next to Marcus... but it fits my whole scheme of things but... I dunno. His white and light blues are soooo pale. I think I will work on getting him in new clothes too. They'll still be white but maybe I can talk him into some dark trim?? MAYBE? He's so stubborn. Keeping their heights right was a real nightmare for me panel to panel. I think panel 2 makes Evan a huge guy but... Pretend it is perfect ok? For me? <3

Also- you see that detail on the back of Evan's jacket? Yeah I totally took that from the costumes in the old movie The Prisoner of Zenda. Awesome movie. Seriously. <3

Also- I love sparkles. Who doesn't? (If you don't, shhhh! Don't out yourself as a twinkle hater!)

For your bonus this week you get fanart!! Of Hemlock which is a really aweet comic I have been linking to a while. It makes me wish this comic had been concieved in my brain as black and white so I could have busted out my old school brushes. Maybe next time? <3

The announcement/details of this Event I keep prattling on about will be the next post up. After that the last page before SDCC!! It's the one I am most excited for! <3

See you next page! <3


  1. oh my gossshhhh
    Evan is so DARN CUTE!

    1. I think Evans would look like one of those pretty dolls



  2. Oh my gosh! Evan is so adorable!! :3 Psssst! I love sparkles! And your art! Your art is so cute yet it has little details that add something extra. ^-^ The only thing is that in panel 2, Evan says that he's a prince... but he's a king! :O

  3. LOL!!! Are all the 'cute' comments from the Black Knight's mind or are they just the general opinion?

  4. I just love how kind and oblivious Evan and his subjects are XD

  5. The Black Knight - p.14

    El Caballero Negro parte 14

    Oh you dont't need to get up!
    You looked so comfortable. Happy

    You are...?
    Prince Evan.

    But you can just call me Evan.


    You know, you're such a nice surprise for me...
    Let me return the favor...


    Oh usted 'no tenga que levantarse!
    Se veía tan cómodo. Contento

    Usted está...?
    Prince Evan.

    Pero sólo me puede llamar a Evan.

    Uh ...
    Por supuesto...

    Ya sabes, eres una agradable sorpresa para mí ...
    Permítanme regresar el favor ...