The Black Knight - p.9


Why did this take me so long. I don't even know. Wait - yes I do. When you are forced by the economy home you need to run errands and do other stuff that all gets in the way of comics.

So much gets in the way of comics...

So anyway! Sorry it took me so long. I hope you used your time wisely and visited some of the awesome comics I read online. You saw all the stupidity on my twitter if you follow. I have a page goal set for before SDCC so I will work extra hard to get there!! The fourth panel changed on me or rather when I began it I thought - No. And it became what you see here. I hope you like this page. It's got a lot of lighting. And really the confused Marcus is just for my enjoyment. <3

Here's the exact first drawing of Thom as your Bonus. Who is Thom? Oh it's that old man gardener with the deadly shears. This picture IRL is very micro tiny. Like the size of the tip of my pinky and was drawn on my layout scripting pages. He's really something that old man!

BTW you should totally check out the archive. I made Chapter illustrations! <3

Also, Florida is so freakin hot right now it is hotter than the SUN (exaggeration). The heat isn;t horrible but the humidity. Anyone who says it's BS that it's not the heat - it's the humidity, kick them. Because it is the heat AND the humidity.

And whatever was on fire the other day (the world) that agitated my allergies and killed me.

I have a great idea for the contest - look for it when I have 20 total pages! (this is actually page 13! I don;t count title pages or things like holiday pages.) <3 <3

See you next page!


  1. Hello, I found this comic at random. And now I am in love with it and your art. Thom is adorable :)

  2. Straparola:
    Thanks for finding it! Even at random!! Maybe especially at random. I'm glad you like it and I hope you keep coming back! And Thom is adorable as all round things must be. ;)

  3. El Caballero Negro parte 9

    How kin I help ye?

    Don't i look like DEATH in this outfit?!
    I'm completely suspicious looking and he's being helpful!
    Who can be this carefree??

    I'm here to see the king...

    The person you want then is our Evan.
    He should ought'er be in the throne room by now.
    That's right, through there.Ye'll be very welcome!

    Cómo puedo ayudarlo ?

    No me veo como muerte en este equipo ?!
    Tengo un aspecto completamente sospechoso y él está siendo muy útil!
    ¿Quién puede ser tan despreocupado ??

    Estoy aquí para ver al rey ...
    Hmmmm ...

    La persona que quieres, entonces es nuestro Evan.
    Él debe deberia de estar en la sala del trono por ahora.
    Así es, por allí. 'será muy bienvenido!