The Black Knight - p.10


I won't tell you how much this page changed from the original thumbnail. Things do that though. Poor Marcus, he's all disappointed. He's ready to stab the Prince and get it over with.

See how much quicker these come when I can sit here and work solidly for hours and hours? Pardon my crazy perspective and I know the room looks small now but trust me - those thrones are huge!!!

By the way, through the back there is the kitchen. <3

Here's your bonus!

If I ever repeat these let me know. Man it's been a while since me and Evan parties together... I hope I'm able to draw him.... It'll be a real contrast all the light colors!

See you next page!! <3 <3 <3


  1. Good job making Marcus suffer a bit :P The Evan doodles are so cute by the way!

  2. Straparola:
    Oh I fully plan to run poor Marcus ragged. <3

  3. El Caballero Negro parte 10