The Black Knight - p.8


As always! Click on the page and see it a mite bit bigger! <3

This page was a lot of fun to do. So the Keep Garden was originally going to be a bunch of different flowers but now it is all roses. I know. I know. But that much area to cover I wanted to stay sane! SANE I TELL YOU!. The gardener there is Thom. He's a fantastic gardener and 89 years old. Does he look 89? I hope so. I like his beardyness and I totally stole that sort of look from some felt pins Rosemary Travale did. Do you remember seeing them? I coveted. this is my way of coveting.

Lots of SFX on this page. I know... I enjoy the fonts I chose for them though. I am least happy with the dodge but it was the best I could do now and hey - it's on a layer so someday I can fix it.

I hope you guys like it and like Thom. <3 He's a fun old dude! I hope to see you next page!

here's your bonus!
Don't forget there's a PRINCE IN THE STORY. Eventually... Hahaha more like EVANtually. (like page 11 I do believe....)

Ok that was only funny to me.



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  1. El Caballero Negro parte 8

    Excuse me?

    Hello? Excuse me sir?



    Why hello!
    I'm sorry, I'm a mite deaf!

    ¿Hola? ¿Discúlpeme señor?
    Lo siento, soy un sordomudo!