The Black Knight - p.11


At last! Prince Evan!! And you get a nice dose of his butler Franklin. I know maybe butler is not a medieval term but we're a lottle fast and loose here and I like the term butler. Franklin is the tallest character so far! And he is dressed in perfect black! Huzzah!

Evan is a fun character for me to draw. I love his hair whisps. Ok ok so on to the next!! I have to make the most of this time with no one else in the house!!! (well except the cat...)

Now, your bonus is a look at the sketch designs for all the servants!! YES. ALL OF THEM.

Awww I know, only 12!

I hope you enjoy! I'll see you next page! <3 <3 <3


  1. Hey! I've been reading this for a while but it never crossed my mind to comment. That is, until I remembered artists appreciate some feedback from time to time XD So I just wanna say that I love your style, it's very cute and simple but really detailed, and I think Marcus is adorable. And I love love LOVE the wood grains (or carvings?)on the vanity in panel 1. And my, Evan sure has huge windows.

  2. El Caballero Negro parte 11

    At that moment.Up in the tower...

    Your shirt, prince Evan.

    I think if I can put on my pants myself, I can manage a shirt.Okay, Franklin?

    Of course you can.It's just quicker and yuo look better when I dress you, yuor highess.

    En ese momento en la torre ...

    Su camisa, príncipe Evan.

    Creo que si puedo poner en mis pantalones de mí mismo, puedo gestionar una camisa .
    Okay, Franklin?
    Por supuesto que puede. Es simplemente más rápido y se ven mejor cuando te vestido, Su alteza.

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