The Black Knight - p.5


Hey! Thanks for comin' back! Nice to see you again or for the first time!

So clearly by the end I was hemorrhaging out the eyes because of the town. And if not the town the townsfolk. I hope I have given the feeling that this is a tiny tiny tiny kingdom the Prince rules over. Cuz it is. It's extra super tiny. The people have about killed me in my single-minded devotion to being sure everyone is different. I'm totally killing myself and the art-masochism was so high that I worried about myself. I worried myself right into several naps.

It doesn't help that it is AllergyFest 2011 around here or that Florida is living up to it's rep of being like Hell only hotter. (Altho it is very nice and cool out today!)

I hope you enjoy the page and Marcus' growing ulcer in his stomach. The boy will be the death of himself. Not to mention it has to be hot in all those dark colors.


There's even a little Midnight cop on the edge there. He looks awful.

See you next page! <3


  1. oh wow that first panel is beautiful! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Thank you so much!! That panel made me question if I was crazy and some other me hated me. On the inside. I'll keep working hard! Thank you for reading! <3

    BTW your mustache is magnificent!

  3. Think you did a great job illustratin' this one Trish! Love the horse and rider in panel 3!

  4. Love all the detail of the happy folk!!!

  5. Amy: Thanks!! I feel like a cheat if i skimp on them so I fill with happiness when people notice! <3 <3

    Wes: Thanks foe! I'm murdering myself with horses!

  6. I love the comic. I noticed a tiny error though. Shouldn't it be "It's making me feel guilty I have to kill their king..." not "prince"? He doesn't know that there is no king yet.

    1. AUGH OMG Patrick!!! Thank you for that catch! Holy cats!!! I can't believe that has sat there being all wrong for all this time... 8___8 thank you so much!!!

  7. El Caballero Negro parte 5

    Everyone here is just ridiculously friendly....



    Todo el mundo aquí es súper amable ....
    ¡Buenos días!


    It's making me feel so guilty that I have to kill their king...
    He seems to be doing really good job...They're so happy...

    Me hace sentir tan culpable que tengo que matar a su rey ...
    Parece que está haciendo muy buen trabajo ... Son tan felices ...

    Sigh *Suspiro*

    If they'd hide from me like everyone else this would be easier.

    Si hubieran esconden de mí como todos los demás que esto sería más fácil.

    Th'n don' do int.Why suffah?
    Entonces no trabajas para Suffah? (? Nose asi que se queda asi)