The Black Knight - p.6


Man am I glad that's over! Why did I kill myself like that?? I'll never know!! NEVER.

Little Toooown.... It's a quiet village.... Full of cupcake and ribbon stoooores...

Crap Chicago Code is on! Here's your bonus!

EVAN! He's still in this!!! SOON!!

See you guys next page! I hope sooner!!!


  1. This is the kind of town I want to live in. Just add a library and I'd be golden.

  2. I just got started reading this comic, but I think the artwork is fantastic!

    P.S. I love the Beauty and the Beast reference.

  3. El Caballero Negro parte 6

    I just have to...
    Besides, Francis asked me so nicely.It's such a shame though...
    He'll just lose interest the moment it's his.

    It'th uh lowt thmaller than hith uthual conquethts.


    Sólo tengo que ...
    Además, Francis me preguntó tan bien.
    Es una pena, aunque ...
    Se limitará a perder el interés en el momento que es la suya.
    Es mucho más pequeña que las conquistas hith athule.