Prologue p2


Wow so I finished this is about a week or so! MAN! It really is amazing the amount of work you can get finished when you don't watch a lot of TV... Or have naps... Ignore your family...

ALL OF THAT ASIDE - Thanks for coming back! So happy to see you. Nice! I hope you like the new page! Huge swaths of this page changed as I worked on it. Suddenly there was a background and more people in panel 1! OMFG the town in panel 2 (That was supposed to be an easy upshot of the castle tower but I blew the people living right under the castle when I put it on an ISLAND...) and panel 3... Oh panel 3. You salve my soul. <3

As per usual here is some production flair!
Awwww he totally wears briefs. <3 He also used to have a dagger!! Now he does not.

Hopefully I'll see you again in a week!! <3 Hm... Maybe I should get a twitter *vomits in mouth* just so there is some easy way for you guys to suffer my pain? Man... I totally don't want a twitter though... :(

BTW the shop in panel 2 is named The Crowned Cupcake.


  1. I'm so happy to find a webcomic like that!

  2. Prologo-Prologue p2
    The prince was very well cared for.....
    El príncipe estaba muy bien cuidado .....

    Allof his people loved him.....
    -From afar. And when left by himself he felt very lonely.

    Todo su pueblo lo amaba .....
    -Desde lejos. Y cuando se deja por sí mismo se sentía muy solo.