Prologue p1

The banner look was unplanned. It came about once I started working on the computer. The method behind this is a lot less... Strict... Ok I'll say it - EXACTING... As my usual method. I'm working over insanely loose thumbnails and playing a lot of it by ear. No inks... I think it is hemorrhaging me. But I'll persevere. This is all for fun, I hope if you are reading this you are going to enjoy it!

The colors are as bright as I could wish for given the subject/style I am going for and the look is matching well too. The base style of bodies and heads and faces is like a simpler form of what I hope to use on Midnight (so many projects...) but I have been told I have gone to crazytown with all the detail. I can't help it... Expect bonus sketches etc here!

Like this one!
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  1. Have I asked you to bear my children lately? This looks great!!!

  2. Awwww you haven't. Which is wise. 8| Unless you are a chef - then ask away!!

  3. Prólogo-Prologue
    Once Upon a Time...
    Había una vez...

    Im a tiney litle kindom surrouded on all sides by larger neighbors...
    Soy de un diminuto reino rodeado por todos lados por los vecinos más grandes ...

    There lived a kind and clever prince.
    Allí vivía una especie y el príncipe inteligente.

  4. I adore your comic series. The art is charming and simply relaxing to view. I hope you find the mindset to create more soon - I would love to see how your tale ends. If this were a book I would purchase it. No, when it becomes a book, I will purchase it :) Have you considered kickstarter?

    Creating things is the meaning of life! I see it's been a while since a post but I'll patiently wait for you to return from your hiatus, haha. You're on my radar now.


    Newest fan.