Prologue p4


So. Not on a Monday as I had hoped... Frankly I am over ambitious in my backgrounds. I whine a lot on twitter. I also took a nap one day... Frankly I am thankful next is the title page which is kinda minimal. I want it minimal... Of course I will COMPLETELY CHANGE MY MIND AND MAKE IT RIDICULOUS AND HARD.... Probably with Celtic knotwork if I know me. And I'll have to do it by hand... JUST BECAUSE... :T I see all my cop outs on this page but I will never point them out to you...

Please don't guess. If you guess wrong I will weep. And nap. Napping is a coping mechanism for me. BUT So ends the prologue and onto the first story!!

Here's your bonus <3 It's Black Knight Marcus on Brandon the horse. Brandon is UBER SPECIAL. And so are you! Do you think I would do all this for just anyone? ;)



  1. Brandon is a sexy pony!!! <3

  2. His face in the first frame is great xD

  3. Prologo-Prologue p4

    Fearfully skilled and deadly...
    ...The Emperor depended on him for everything.that's just how these siblings are.
    So the knight rode off to kill the prince and take over his kingdom

    Con miedo expertos y mortal ...
    ... El emperador dependía de él para todo.Asi es como esto hermanos son.
    Así que el caballero se marchó para matar al príncipe y hacerse cargo de su reino.