Prologue p3


SO! It's page 3. On Sunday. What is amazing is panels 1-3 were all done LAST MONDAY... But panel 4 literally ate me alive. I almost didn't add the courtiers in that panel either. *whine whine whine* Oh well I am pretty happy with it considering I see so much wrong with it. I keep reminding myself that maybe the 4 of you will all forgive me. <3

Emperor Francis is extra fabulous and his brother Marcus is fabulous in a dark way. <3

I',m so happy to be off this page I will use a million ascii hearts!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 all hand typed!! NO CUT AND PASTE!

You may also notice the twitter feed.... Ok. I know, I know I said I would never get a twitter but it is a great outlet for whining. PLUS! I think even fewer people will go there than here even. So.... <3 <3 <3 <3

Now your delicious extra!

*EDIT: I was so excited to finish I never noticed I didn;t finish distressing the banner!!!! So I did now and it is properly up now. Here is a close up of Emperor Francis on this page. And the main reason I hate doing comics on the computer - I can zoom in and detail things I would just ignore doing on a for real page.



  1. Thanks! He'd always pose sassilly I think! <3

  2. Prologo-Prologue p3

    The Great Emperor saw a drawing of the Prince castle....
    And he fell in love with it!
    Mostly he felt it matched his shoes
    So he sent for his greatest warror:The Black knight.[Who was also his little brother.]

    El gran emperador vio un dibujo del castillo del Príncipe ....
    Y él se enamoró de él!
    Mayormente sentía que hacía juego con sus zapatos
    Por lo que envió a su mejor guerrero: El caballero Negro [¿Quién era también su hermano pequeño.].