The Black Knight - p.25


Finally am I right? It's how I feel too. But things like getting paid and life and so on got in the way!
Not to mention crafts.... Oh craft do they get in the way! Anyways I am 100% regretting the berry stained gloves because ask me how many times I almost forgot to add them!!! NO WAIT DON'T! It makes me want to die.

Anyway Evan is adorabling Marcus. It's like bullying but with cuteness.

This is the best bonus I can give you - an old drawing.

Sorry I'm SICK. :(

Have you checked out my fan art section?? It is full of beautiful arts I have been given. <3 <3 <3

Be Seeing You.


  1. Awesome! I always look forward to your new uploads and I cannot wait to see where the story is going from here :) Evan's up to something for sure!

  2. Tracy: Thanks! Hahaha It's great how everyone has a good handle on Evan's personality already. ;D

  3. Haha, the little hearts being repelled in the face of tall, handsome no-way-ness make me laugh.

  4. aaaa this keeps getting cuter and cuter. All those expressions, especially in last panel! <3 <3 <3

  5. Mandy: I honestly wish that emotes like that were real... I'd love to see hearts popping out and bouncing around. (It'd be soooo Roger Rabbit!!)

    Kat: Thanks!! Expressions are my #1 most favorite thing. Despite Evan making mostly the 8D face! and Marcus the :| face. ;D

  6. asaidsaiodsio. Marcus seems more innocent than Evan. Which is great.

    What is also great is that horse you drew.

  7. ErrePi: Yeah I'm almost always stuck in the issue of either not telling enough about the characters or babbling it all out at you til your eyes are full. I'm glad you got that though!!! And thanks <3 Like most girls I have drawn horses forever and never feel like I improve... Basically if I am not Sam Savitt I feel I fail...

  8. Ah, I know your pain. What's the right balance to strike before you get too condescending to your readers? I believe people have met people in their life and coule manage to draw conclusions from them and the story telling, since I could decide which side to emphsize and which not to, would be enough. However the result was disastrous with one of my comics.

    But I feel like you're doing a fine job and those who can pick up on small details, that could be their own reward.

    Haha, whatever. Sam Savitt could not draw a quizzical horse. (Or maybe he could, I dunno. I never thought to ask him.)

    Augh! S-sorry I'm talking so much!

  9. ErrePi: Thanks! I really mean that! It's such a fine line to walk in any sort of story. And you are in no way talking too much :) And yes... small details are KEY! In comics and real life. ;D

  10. i love how the thought bubble changes color :D <3

  11. So... More than kissing means death?

  12. The Black Knight - p.25
    El Caballero Negro parte 25

    The Black Knight - p.25
    El Caballero Negro parte 25

    So stay with me for a little while.
    I can't!
    Así quedará conmigo por un rato.
    ¡No puedo!

    I'll get to know you...
    TO LIKE you...
    And then I...

    Voy a llegar a saber que ...
    A usted como ...
    Y luego yo...

    But that's PERFECT! I want you to REALLY like me! And if we ever do more than kiss I'll Die!
    And you'd' ve killed me! It all works out!
    That's my preference!

    Pero eso es perfecto! Me gustas de verdad! Y si alguna vez hacemos más que beso que moriré!
    Y que me maten! Todo funciona!

    than just

    Esa es mi preferencia!
    que sólo

    (More than kiss?)
    (What does that even mean?)
    (More 'would be...
    What? It'd be...
    (OH! Oh my...) What? Wait... What?!?
    (Más de un beso?)
    (¿Y eso que significa?)
    (Más »sería ...
    ¿Qué? Sería ...
    (OH! Oh mi ...) ¿Qué? ¿¡¿Esperarlo?!?

    Of course you'll die too supposedly...
    But I hope you consider it!
    Por supuesto que también morirás supuestamente ...
    Pero espero que se tenga en cuenta!

    (Oh ...) él está estudiando a fondo!

    Well I did the best I could: 3
    Bueno hice lo mejor que pude :3