Happy Winter Solstice


So a little heads up about the next page and why you are getting a Solstice treat (it's also a wallpaper!) over a page... This went way faster than the page would have and OMG I am swamped with freelance work! No sooner was school out than BOOM freelance (thank god). So paid work sadly has to come before my beloved work - which means you sadly have to wait for the next page. Between the last one and this I prepped a lot of pages to hopefully speed things along... HOPEFULLY! Needless to say pages will come. I promise. <3

Parts of this image (snowflakes and trees) made with the blessedly awesome custom brushes from:

Now - have you checked out all the AWESOME FAN ART I have been given?? Yes? NO!!? You should. Keep checking! Wow I have so many talented people reading the comic. Also Thanks to everyone who has pimped me out on THEIR comics which I read - I'm lookin' at you Led By a Madman! Also - Winters in Lavelle, Godsend, and of course the effervescent Misadventure Central home of some serious Spacejinx!

Anyway - new page as soon as I can! <3 <3 Thank you everyone everyone everyone for all the love and encouragement (and art omg! y'all're so talented!!) it means so much to me. More than I can type in words! <3


  1. How sweeet! *____* Thak you! Totaly love this pic! (I put it on my desktop!)

  2. Adorable! And the deer(?) butt is adorable too.

    I am incredibly excited for another page!


    And the fanart was wonderful to look at.