Happy ....Affection Celebration

Happy Valentine's Day. The fancy forward and back will reappear later!

Did not think I would make it! DID NOT. That is why this is natural (what? markers grow on trees?) media. I could work on it while at my teaching gig! But yeah! half an hour left in this day of love and what romance comic would miss out on it???? (This one totally would!)

So I hope you enjoy it!
It certainly looks better in person.... :(
(Maybe I'll replace it with a scan later... I was in a hurry!!! Time is ticking y'all!!!!

And for everyone without a valentine - take your pick! Evan has plenty of love, Marcus can be awkward at you, but Brandon - he totally knows how to romance someone. ;)


  1. Wow! Marcus and Evan soooo lovely!!! +_+
    Thank you! *_*

  2. I love your natural media stuff...seriously. Natural media is KING! <3

  3. Oh man, all those colors and everything looks soooo good. I want it on my wall. It will be the only thing on the wall.