The Black Knight - p.27


Yiiiikes it was almost a month. Apologies! Freelance and classes beginning again put a damper on this. Bills must be paid! This page is full of Pages! Evan has 3. Two from town and one whose mom is the cook. Also- whyyyy a horse whyyyyyyyyy.....

Also Check out this fine Fanart I received from people whose comics *I* follow. <3

This one is from Meredith at Hinges

Seriously - how sexy and capable did she make Marcus look???
I almost feel bad for abusing him...

And this is a fanstrip by the effervescent Wensleydale over at Misadventure Central.
Hahaha Sorry. Love is a dubious ingredient to me too! But seriously who can resist pie??

These will be in the fanart section when I am not trying to stop babbling so I can upload!! I'm still counting this as done on Monday... it's still Monday for me!!!!

Also never leave the o out of counting! Nice catch spellcheck!


  1. "Brandon the Soul Chewer"... hee hee. Just what have Marcus and Brandon been DOING to give them this kind of rep? Or is it the work of his brother's propaganda mill?

    Sorry that I sounded impatient earlier. You should work at your own pace, I'll wait for you!

    By the by, are you eventually going to make a print copy of this comic? I would buy them (:

  2. Wisemouse: Don't feel bad for being impatient. It makes me feel horrible and good! Horrible because I just have no time and this must be my sacrifice but good because it means you really enjoy it!!(I'm totally the only artist ever to feel that way!) And once a story arc is finished (god knows when this is rolling along forever lol) I will definitely accumulate them into a book of some sort. Published comics in books are personal favs of mine!

    Also- Brandon and Marcus totally could level entire countries. Unless they are headed by people who use kisses over swords and don't fight back. Awwwww <3

  3. I love this comic! :3 Just wanted to say that!

  4. Zan: Thanks!! I am so happy to hear it! :D

  5. This is the most perfect webcomic ever. <3 I'm fan-duding inappropriately all about these pages.

  6. Trung: Thank you so much!!! I hope you keep coming back! :D

  7. The Black Knight - p.27
    El Caballero Negro parte 27

    Elsewhere in the casle....
    En otra parte del castillo ....
    At that moment...
    En ese momento...
    POP! POP! POP!
    See? It's a t'real HORSE! JUST like I TOLD you!
    '¿Ver? Es un caballo! Al igual que te he dicho!

    Ok so you were right for once WHOOPEE...
    I can't see!!
    'Ok, así que tenías razón por una vez ..
    No puedo ver !!

    I KNOW i'm right!
    And like I told'ya it's a knight's horse.
    Yo sé que tengo razón!
    Y como he dicho que es el caballo de un caballero.


    Es Brandon el masticador Alma! (Que?)
    Pff !!