The Black Knight - p.30


Yessss..... Look it's not the end of the month! I'm sorry this is taking so long - I hope the prizes arrived safely... I never heard either way! D: And I only heard from a few of my secret keepers... :| My love of the mail is diminishing!!

Anyways... New page! How about that. I totally love Franklin the butler. Like all butlers he is totally the guy in control. You can tell from his badass monocle... Also new layout. Gimmie a shout if everything is mega huge to you now...

There's a new contest over on the DDCM tumblr. And then I got all distracted... Jeeze.... BTW I'll post a photo of the prize for that contest when it is done. I'm working it out still but it could be very cute!!

BTW - only page 30... Yes I am very disappointed in me too. :( I wish I had some control over my own life.



    Lol, I really like the new layout! Everything is super huge now but it looks delicious on my screen so I like it :D And don't be disappointed! I know a bunch of comics that never even get to page 15, much less 30.

    Hee hee, Franklin is so awesome. "...with excellence." Ha, that line had me laughing so hard and I don't even know why...also, Marcus' face at that last panel is hilarious xD Awesome new pages are awesome!! <3

    (just found your, that is a LOT of shows....*knows less than half of them OTL* Hmm, so my quest begins~~)

  2. Alright, here we go:

    First off, I might have completely and utterly fallen in love with this amazing-amazingness, and by 'might,' I mean 'with complete certainty.' I just don't even know where to begin. From the (fabulous) art to the (fabulous) characters to the (fabulous) writing...! I'm definitely in love! I think I've laughed (in a good way) with every page so far.

    Also, Evan is absolutely fascinating. So innocent(?), yet so knowledgeable in everything...

    In short, thank you for this, and I am happily awaiting the next page! :)

  3. Nightingale: I'm glad the large size is still ok. I didn't think anyone cruises at less than 1200 but heck... I don't know everyone... I'm glad you like Franklin - he's hardcore as all butlers are. Seriously - butlers are asskickers.

    Danny-kins: Thank you thank you for all your kinds words. You are just like all my other readers - way too kind!!! I'm glad the art, characters, and story are appealing. I work hard for it! Also - Evan is a multi-level character who I can't wait to SOMEDAY... (god the slow) get to expanding their characters out.

    New page soon!! 8___8;;

  4. I really hope to see some backstory about when Evan first became so obsessed with Marcus. 'Cause Marcus seems to know nothing about Evan, but Evan knows a crapload about Marcus. and he had a room prepared for a long time? like he somehow knew a day would come when Marcus was ordered to come kill him? how? lol. But I do love this comic, it's really funny.

  5. I don't know why it has taken me so long to begin reading this. (shame on me)
    This is HILARIOUS.
    And for a ruthless murderer, Marcus is quite the hottie <3
    I like the way the front curls of his hair mimics inverted devil horns XD